Coach from the Field, Not the Locker Room

How you lead is based on the information you have—no matter the career you’re in. As a sales manager, having the right information and using it correctly are both pivotal to the success of you and your sales team, and this goes far beyond stats like the latest sales numbers.  When a sports coach leads […]

3 Reasons Your Sales Reps Hate Their CRM

Field sales reps spend less than 39% of their time selling. The rest is spent on administrative tasks. Since they only get paid when they make sales, it’s no wonder they bitterly resent administrative tasks, especially entering their call notes into their CRM. We’ve learned firsthand, through both industry research and the school of hard […]

The Yellow Pad Failed Me

Sales professionals take notes in varied ways, each with varied levels of success. And every one of us has felt the bite of important notes that get lost or overlooked.  Years ago, I drove to Kalispell, Montana to make some sales calls. My first call of the day was to the Purchasing Manager of a […]