Sales Reps: How To Make An Extra $4,000 This Year (Make This One Simple Change)

Let’s do some math that’s going to result in a $4,000 annual raise for you as a sales rep. Maybe you’re producing a million per year, and that nets out to be $1,000 a day. That means you’re producing about $165 per sales call, if you’re making 6 calls a day. So you do the […]

How To Increase Sales Velocity By Using A ‘Customer First’ Strategy With Your CRM

CRMs—or Customer Relationship Management systems—are ubiquitous in the sales market. Customers, after all, are the foundation of any sale. It’s vital, for both you and your sales team, that you Manage your Customer Relationships. The CRM was invented for that very purpose—to help us manage our customer relationships. But all too often CRMs start with […]

Customer Relationship Management Strategies: Why Your Sales Reps Should Ditch The ‘Busy Work’, And Focus on Building Relationships

A CRM is a phenomenal tool that can help you exponentially grow your business—if used correctly. Our last article focused on how the C stands for Customer and how sales teams might lose sight of that goal. This week, we’re diving into what the R stands for. The relationship between sales reps and customers is […]