CRM for Outside Sales

Finally, a CRM your sales reps will use.

Hands-free CRM

Your very own virtual assistant


Got 60 seconds? With Telenotes, that is all it takes to update your CRM after each sales call.


Just leave a message for your virtual assistant, then they’ll do the rest.


Close More Deals

Stop wasting time on admin tasks


Sales reps should be in front of customers instead of behind a laptop.


Telenotes gives you more face-to-face selling time, allowing your team to focus on what they do best, close deals.

Map Out Your Day

Schedule routes and find leads


When you combine your customers and sales activity with maps and leads, productivity will skyrocket.


Telenotes makes it easy to pre-call plan and map out your day, thus maximizing your opportunities.


Telenotes Features

Companies Using Telenotes

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