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How Telenotes Can Work For Your Sales Team

ˮWe increased sales 30%+”


Within 30 days of implementing the Telenotes system the number of sales calls our sales reps were making increased by over 50%…after being on the system for 90 days we saw an increase of over 30% in sales! In the past we have invested in sales training, coaching and time management seminars but nothing has had more of an impact on the productivity and effectiveness of our sales team as Telenotes.”


– Court Winegar

“Helps me manage my team.”


One of the values of utilizing Telenotes has been extremely helpful to me in managing. Not only managing, but growing my territory over the years. It’s helped me immensely with the time management, and also account management and holding me accountable to my budget, my forecast and other things.


– John Anderson

“$1,000,000 job won”


A rep recorded a [Telenotes call note] that if any distributor could help manage the project flow electronically they would have a better shot at getting this particular $1M+ job. His manager saw the note and told the rep he could do that and showed him how and we got the job.


– S. Ritchey Plumbers Supply

“More time in the field”


Our team has been able to spend more time in the field, making more sales calls, and as a result – making more sales. We are huge fans of Telenotes.


– Alan Guidish, President Preferred Sales

ˮSell to more customers”


Telenotes is all about assisting my sales reps to sell more to our customers, and we have the ROI to prove it!


– Mike Tanner, President Bell Janitorial Supply

“We grew sales by 118%”


Telenotes was a key ingredient in our secret recipe that grew sales per rep by 118%. Telenotes gave us:

  • Daily and relevant intel from the field
  • Smart and timely reminders
  • A platform for same-day coaching
  • An opportunity to talk, not type call notes

So glad I made the switch to Telenotes!


– Travis Isaacson, Lashbrook Designs

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