Sales Reps: How To Make An Extra $4,000 This Year (Make This One Simple Change)

Let’s do some math that’s going to result in a $4,000 annual raise for you as a sales rep. Maybe you’re producing a million per year, and that nets out to be $1,000 a day. That means you’re producing about $165 per sales call, if you’re making 6 calls a day. So you do the […]

3 Open Ended Sales Questions You Should Ask To Close More Leads

The best salespeople ask questions. They don’t just try to sell benefits, they dig into their prospect’s pain points and understand what’s holding them back from buying. In this post, we give you three of the best open-ended questions that will help you close more leads. 1. What’s your biggest challenge you need to solve […]

3 Biggest Problems With Your CRM Data (And How To Solve Them Today)

Field sales reps spend less than 39% of their time selling. The rest is spent on administrative tasks. Since they only get paid when they make sales, it’s no wonder they bitterly resent administrative tasks, especially entering their call notes into your CRM. In a recent survey, we found that field sales representatives spend an […]

6 Outside Sales Techniques to Improve Field Sales Results

Every field sales team has a number of challenges to overcome—and not all of them are external. For example, if your team isn’t doing a great job selling your products and services, then you can bet that you’ll have some unhappy customers on your hands. And while it’s easy to say that “customers don’t buy […]