Amplify Your Sales Impact: The Secret to Earning an Extra $4,000 This Year

Sales can be challenging, but it’s also a numbers game. With every successful call, you’re making strides towards your annual target. Say, for instance, you’re hitting a million per year, netting approximately $1,000 per day. If you’re making six calls daily, each call brings in about $165.

Now imagine making just one more sales call a day by integrating a single tool – one best practice – into your routine. That’s where Telenotes comes in.

Telenotes frees up your time by eliminating the extra admin work. No more dealing with spreadsheets or manually typing notes into your CRM. You can now capture critical sales information on the fly throughout the day. This efficiency might allow you to squeeze in another sales call or two.

Remember, we’ve established that your worth is about $165 per sales call. Adding one more call to your routine can translate to an extra $4,000 in commission over a year. And for sales reps, this could mean the difference between meeting and exceeding annual targets.

But the real value of Telenotes goes beyond just time-saving. It’s about ensuring you focus on tasks that make you money, instead of those that cost you money.

While creating Telenotes, I was in industrial sales and used Telenotes during its development. I realized I was spending precious time on activities that brought little value to me or the company. With Telenotes, I managed to incorporate one, sometimes two more sales calls into my daily routine. Consequently, my sales soared from about $300,000 a year in gross sales to over $900,000.

Our time as sales reps is priceless. Thus, maximizing efficiency in the field is the key to success. To earn an extra $4,000, $8,000, or even $16,000 a year, you need to optimize your daily operations.

That’s the power of Telenotes. It enables you to capture crucial information as it’s happening, set reminders and follow-ups, and share the details with your team – all while the information is fresh in your mind. No more laborious data entry into a CRM that offers little value to the sales rep.

Make the most of every sales opportunity. Empower your selling potential with Telenotes today.