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Managing Time with Traditional CRM Solutions

A recent survey found that field sales representatives spend between 1 and 1.5 hours per day updating and maintaining everything a typical CRM. This includes everything from from sales call notes to recording mileage. Doesn’t seem like a big deal? Take a look at what that seemingly minuscule hour amounts to over time.

31.5 hours a month

378 hours a year

Spending 1.5 hours a day entering data translates into 31.5 hours every month.

Which means that every year, each sales reps spends 378 hours a year entering data.

Nearly 400 hours of real time is taken away from every single member of your sales team, every year. Whether it’s time that could be spent closing a big deal with an important client, or even playing with the kids after dinner, it’s time that is precious to each sales representative. What a weighty burden to place on individuals that are so critical to the success of your organization!

Managing Time with Telenotes

Even if your sales reps spend just half of our estimate, or 15 hours, each month on data entry, they’ll still be left in the dust by sales reps using Telenotes. Accounting for over 7 million entries, the average time a sales rep spends per call is only 50 seconds!

1.5 hours a month

18 hours a year

Spending less than 5 minutes each day totals less than 2 hours per month.

This means that every year, each sales rep will only spend 18 hours on data entry!

With Telenotes, time spent by each sales rep is reduced by 95 percent every month! Give back those 360 stolen annual hours to every single member of your sales team. Can you imagine the possibilities when your business has a sales force unencumbered by clerical tethers?

Reclaiming the Stolen Hours

Telenotes allows you to reclaim those hours wasted ‘maintaining’ other CRM solutions. How many individuals encompass your sales force? Whether it’s 5 or 500, imagine giving each person 378 more hours of selling time every year.

Selling Opportunities

Agile Capabilities

Time is spent by sales reps doing data entry is now spent making that extra sales call.

Reclaimed time is also spent preparing for changes in order size.

Think of the impact those hours would have on the bottom line.

CRM and Sales Productivity: The Perfect Match

Giving the sales teams back the hours they’re owed is the first step in addressing sales productivity within your organization. However, increasing hours is not the sole answer to increasing sales productivity. The other critical facet is the robust quality of the data itself. When it comes to sales productivity, the sales team needs visibility into the data as much as the decision makers.

Minor Details with Major Impact

Business and Sales Intelligence

Follow up tasks and other details are carried out because they are captured through dictation while fresh on sales reps mind.

Valuable details that help close more deals, increase average order value, and increase profit margin are now at the sales reps fingertips.

Because Telenotes is designed around dictation, information is reported consistently from sales reps that was never before captured.

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