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Exposing the Unseen Overhead of Other CRM Systems

All CRM systems, including Telenotes, include basic functions that must be carried out by sales team members. Many businesses fail to account for the true costs, both in labor and lost revenue, that carrying out these basic functions incur.

Time Spent Maintaining The System

In a recent survey we found that, on average, field sales people spend between 1 and 1.5 hours per day updating and maintaining the exhaustive list of information below:

Updating sales call notes

Tracking expenses

Entering mileage

Attaching and maintaining documents

Entering and updating calendars and follow ups

Creating and updating reports

Updating customer and contact information

Managing multiple regions and sales people

Disseminating information to other departments

Entering new prospect information

Managing and updating opportunities and pipelines

And many more...

An hour or so a day may not seem earth-shattering, but when you look at it over time, it’s much more significant:

1.5 hours of daily input


21 monthly selling days


31.5 hours spent each month

Although it is not clear if the 31.5 hours per month is taken from selling time or family time, it’s safe to assume it’s a huge administrative burden placed on individuals. Individuals who admittedly were not hired for their administrative skills.

Labor Cost of Time Spent Maintaining The System

Now that you see the time required by those using the system to maintain it, it’s time to see what that’s taking away from the bottom line of your business. To illustrate, we’ll use a "base plus commission sales rep".

31.5 hours spent maintaining CRM every month


$18.75 hourly to the sales rep


$590.00 labor cost for a sales rep to update CRM data

Let’s say our sales rep has a base salary of $3,000.00 per month, or $18.75 per hour. This is omitting benefit packages and/or mileage reimbursement, clearly adding those elements in would result in a higher hourly wage. The true labor cost your company is paying for just one sales reps monthly CRM maintenance is staggering!

$560.00 monthly CRM labor cost per sales rep


12 months



labor cost per year, per employee

How many sales reps does your company have? 5? 10? 50? Try $35.4k, $70.8k, and $354k your business is spending every year to enter data into a CRM system.

Total Cost of Time Spent Maintaining The System

Telenotes allows you to reclaim those hours wasted ‘maintaining’ other CRM solutions. How many individuals encompass your sales force? Whether it’s 5 or 500, imagine giving each person 378 more hours of selling time every year.

Lost Selling Opportunities

Too much time is spent by sales reps doing data entry instead of making that extra sales call or preparing for order size increases.

Lost Details

Follow up tasks and other details are lost because they are not captured while fresh on sales reps mind, or the sales rep simply doesn’t type in all the notes.


Lost Business & Sales Intelligence

Your business is losing out on valuable details that could help you close more deals, increase average order value, and increase profit margins.

Your business could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year when you’re not using Telenotes as your CRM system.

The Telenotes Difference

Giving the sales teams back the hours they’re owed is the first step in addressing sales productivity within your organization. However, increasing hours is not the sole answer to increasing sales productivity. The other critical facet is the robust quality of the data itself. When it comes to sales productivity, the sales team needs visibility into the data as much as the decision-makers.

Minor Details with Major Impact

Business & Sales Intelligence

Follow up tasks and other details are carried out because they are captured through dictation while fresh on sales reps mind.

Valuable details that help close more deals, increase average order value, and increase profit margin are now at the sales reps fingertips.

Because Telenotes is designed around dictation, information is reported consistently from sales reps that was never before captured.

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