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Data Collection: A Persistent Problem

C-level and front line managers require information from the field to accurately make strategic and tactical decisions. However, gathering quality data on a consistent basis is an issue that pervades every firm with a sales force. It’s also an issue that other CRM solutions, even the most well-known, neglect to address time and time again.


Poor Quality

It’s no secret that getting a sales team to even partially adopt any CRM solution is a tall order. As a result, other CRM softwares have provided a detrimental solution: making data collection a series of check-boxes and mundane forms.

While this solution may increase the volume of data collected from the sales team, it vastly restricts quality of data. Forget about collecting any rich data, your sales reps are just trying to finish a cumbersome checklist!

Telenotes: Absolutely Simplified Data Collection

Other CRM solutions operate under the assumption that sales teams are carefully cultivated to include representatives with outstanding skills in clerical data entry. At Telenotes, we understand the strengths of sales teams and designed our solution to work with them, not against them! With that in the forefront of our minds, the solution to old assumptions made by CRM solutions became clear: stop typing, start talking. When dictation is integrated into a CRM solution, high-quality data is collected consistently and is visible in a timely manner.




Dictation plays into your sales team’s strengths. So, continuously collecting the pertinent sales data decision makers require becomes a breeze, instead of a challenge.

Dictation exponentially increases the comprehensiveness of the data collected. Details that were once overlooked in a manual report are now described completely.

Each report is transcribed and automatically uploaded into the system. Here, the sales rep and management can access data and reports on every single sales interaction.

Total Cost of Time Spent Maintaining The System

It’s clear that when data entry is transformed with dictation, the time spent by sales representatives performing administrative tasks is cut dramatically. The sales representatives increase productivity, resulting in more wins and more sales. But the impact doesn’t stop at the sales team.

✔ More Wins

Detailed Data


Timely Access


✔ More Sales

✔ More Insights

The effortlessly collected and nearly instantaneously visible data becomes a treasure trove of information to top decision makers in a business. With Telenotes, c-level executives and managers now have the ability to dissect a breadth of comprehensive data that was once unimaginable and unattainable. The data at your disposal is key in countless aspects of your business:

▪ Pricing

▪ Sales Training

▪ Sales Productivity

▪ Sales Forecasting

▪ Marketing Messages

▪ Market Research

▪ Business Intelligence

▪ Inventory Planning

▪ R&D

▪ Production

▪ Competitive Insights

▪ Sales Intelligence

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