Great, you’re one step closer to simple sales tracking with Telenotes by VOZE!

A friendly guide from our team will chat with you soon to see how Telenotes fits your needs.

Our aim is to assist you in your decision-making, and show how Telenotes can make things easier:
• Stay on top of your sales team’s actions
• Help your reps keep everything neat and tidy, like appointments, tasks, routes, and lead notes, all in our easy mobile app
• Let you see your sales activity in real-time


We’re eager to understand more about your needs with a quick chat.


If you want to get a head start for our conversation, here are a few questions we’ll explore:
1. How does your sales team keep track of sales opportunities right now?
2. Can you give us a snapshot of your current business?
3. Do you have a rough idea of when you’d want to start with a new solution?