Features to help your sales reps hit their daily numbers

Wish your field sales reps could get better data into your system?

Say goodbye to incomplete and incorrect sales notes. Telenotes easily bolts onto your existing CRM to help you drive more conversations, reduce the sales cycle and close more deals.

Built by sales teams by sales people.

How Telenotes Can Work For Your Sales Team

Fast, real-time visibility into your reps' sales activities

Analyze your team’s performance with customizable reports, so you can gain new insights and make smarter decisions that will lead to growth.


A daily report for individual sales reps to review their Call Notes or for Sales Managers to review their team’s Call Notes so they can stop guessing about what’s happening in the field.


“Telenotes was a key ingredient in our secret recipe that grew sales per rep by 118%. Telenotes gave us daily and relevant intel from the field, smart and timely reminders, a platform for same-day coaching, and an opportunity to talk, not type call notes. So glad I made the switch to Telenotes!” – Travis I

Get accurate, complete call notes into CRM

You’ve invested money into building out your CRM platform for your business, but your field reps aren’t using it correctly.


Give your field reps a way to talk, not type their customer call data, and they’ll update your database in just 47 seconds.


Instead of manual data entry, Telenotes allows your sales reps to record their call notes through our mobile app and our system converts the call and enters the data into your database.


From the same call note we can schedule follow-ups and appointments, create tasks, set reminders, add or update company and contact data.


“Our team has been able to spend more time in the field, making more sales calls, and as a result – making more sales. We are huge fans of Telenotes.” – Alan G

Spend less time on admin work, and more time selling

Telenotes helps your team update information in your CRM, without spending their valuable time bogged down in data entry.


Now your sales team can focus on selling, and consistently hit their monthly quotas.


Search and select companies you want to visit and our app will map out the best route for your sales reps to efficiently plan their day.


The Maps product also allows you to find new business opportunities near you using keyword and industry searches.


“It’s really helped me stay on the road, and not in front of a computer typing out notes and call reports. Enables me to be more professional.” – Jeff F