Look at what our customers are saying

"I love Telenotes because it is so easy..."

Two years ago, when we were looking to replace our outdated and very time consuming sales database software, we wanted something that was not only going to be simple and easy to use but also tailored around our needs. Telenotes not only stepped up to the task – they delivered beyond what we expected and continue to do so today even though its long after the sale, something that’s almost unheard of in today’s business world. What made them different is that they truly cared about our business! They didn’t send us a CD and box of manuals to sift through. They took us through the process from setup to training and even provided our sales staff with tips on how to make their jobs more efficient. Honestly, they are like having a personal sales coach armed and at the ready and in these difficult economic times, it’s good to know that you not only have a partner you can trust but also one you can count on when the going gets tough and to me, it’s worth every penny to have that piece of mind!


Stu Copperwheat, Director of Information Technologies


It's worth every penny

Before using Telenotes, my rep firm only had anecdotal evidence to measure the amount of time we were spending on lines. With Telenotes' data, I was able to compare the percentage of time spent on each line with the amount of revenue generated. For example, one line that brings us 11% of our revenue was only getting 1.5% of our time; another that makes us 3% was taking up 6% of our time. Telenotes has helped to not only make sure each salesperson is using their time well, but to make sure that they are supporting the companies’ objectives as well. In addition, the customer service at Telenotes is superior. I highly recommend Telenotes to any Manufacturer Rep firm looking to maximize their selling activity in their territories.”


Charles M Parham, CPMR


I highly recommend Telenotes to any Manufacturer Rep Firm

After being in sales for the last 40 years, I can say to you that I have never had a system for tracking accounts as I do now with Telenotes. The capability to see the history of an account from an owners or company's stand point is invaluable as information can be passed on to new sales people in a seamless transfer. This is the best and most unbelievable system I have ever seen! My thanks to you and your team for providing this great service!


Judy Ward


This is the best and most unbelievable system

In just 60 days we have more information regarding our clients, factories and sales rep activity than we had in over 1 year with our former CRM provider. Telenotes is incredible; I would recommend it to anyone.”


Pat Murphy, President


Telenotes is incredible

Within 30 days of implementing the Telenotes system the number of sales calls our sales reps were making increased by over 50%...after being on the system for 90 days we saw an increase of over 30% in sales! In the past we have invested in sales training, coaching and time management seminars but nothing has had more of an impact on the productivity and effectiveness of our sales team as Telenotes.


Court Winegar


We saw an increase of over 30% in sales

With 6 salesmen on the road every day, Telenotes has allowed me to get back in the saddle and know what is going on in the market...every day. One of my many hats is sales manager, and Telenotes lets me be my best at it.


Bill Godwin


Telenotes lets me be my best

We signed on with Telenotes in November 2004. Our sales people love the program. No more written reports, or trying to remember what they talked about on a sales call. Our sales team loves the ability to schedule future follow ups and retrieve past call info with just a few mouse clicks. From a management perspective, we now know exactly what is going on in the field daily without having to chase down weekly recaps. We highly endorse this program...


Ken McGregor


Our sales people love the program

The Telenotes system has provided our sales team with a tool that will help them get better results by doing the following:


• Manage their time, in face to face selling and weekly planning.

• Provide competitive information from the field to sales management as it pertains to product issues, competitive situations, trends, sales opportunities, etc.

• By utilizing the Telenotes system we in the management role can track a salesman's activity in presenting programs, products or services that we want communicated to our customers. By simply keying in on a key word we can document how many times an activity is mentioned.

• Sales management as well as the salesman can track how they are spending their time, the "Sales Activity Summary Report" tracks the face to face selling, entertainment, office time, delivery time, vendor joint calls, etc along with telling us how many sales calls a salesman is making a day / week or month.

• Telenotes also provides our salesman with an excellent tool to utilize for follow up, telling a customer one thing and actually following up is what separates the success professional from the not so successful.

• The Telenotes system also provides the salesman with a tool to do customer account maintenance, name, address, phone and contact information.



An important thing to keep in mind is that Telenotes is a tool, designed to help those that want to help themselves do a better job and to earn more money, better organization and planning means more effective sales calls which means more dollar opportunities for everyone.


Thomas E. Ehigh, Corporate Plumbing Sales Manager


More effective sales calls means more dollar opportunities

As the economy gets more challenging, the more important it is to know what is going on in the field. Pepco Sales has been able to use Telenotes to focus our time on revenue producing lines. In today’s market, information is more vital than ever! We now have more information than ever before to help us focus on the right products for the right customers. What’s more, by outsourcing time consuming tasks to Telenotes, we relieve our reps of that burden, and give them an additional 250 hours of selling time every year. It’s like having an extra month and a half of productivity per rep every year!


Mike Parham, President


Its like having an extra month and a half of productivity