What is Telenotes Beta?

We are working hard to improve not only the look and feel of Telenotes, we are also working to provide value to you and your team. To take a look at what we are doing, you can sign in to Telenotes beta by selecting the Telenotes beta button at the top middle of the screen. Your PIN and password will be the same as your normal login.

Telenotes beta includes all of the original features built into a new navigation. The new navigation lists the modules on the left instead of at the top. We are going to be gradually updating the look and feel of each module, focusing on improving your Telenotes experience.

We have already completed two new modules: the Sales Module, and the Maps module. The Sales module enables you to import your financial sales data and quickly see where you stand. The Maps module allows you to map out routes, manage territories, and find companies near you. If you are interested in learning more about these new Modules, click here to send us a message.

Keep in mind that our beta application is being updated frequently. We are listening to feedback closely, trying to improve the site as quickly as possible. To report any issues, please contact support@telenotes.com. You can also select "Report Issues" or "Feedback" on the bottom left corner of the page when you are logged into Telenotes beta.